About CoDe

Within every academic study programme at Leiden University, there is a study association. In 2002, the first intitiatives were taken to found a study association for criminology students in Leiden. In 2003, Corpus Delicti (CoDe) was officially founded. By now, CoDe has grown to be the biggest study association for criminology in The Netherlands, with almost 700 members and about 100 Alumni members.

CoDe is known for combining fun activities with study-related interests. This is shown by the activities organized by the seventeen committees and the Board members. These activities vary from getting drinks together to evaluating the classes, from study trips to lectures. CoDe also publishes on its own weblog (alibicode.nl) and creates a yearbook every end of the year.

CoDe can also help to prevent stress among students. If you are a student and would like to order your books online, you can order via CoDe and save up to 15%!
But most of all, you can get in-touch with the other criminology students during the parties, trips, or when you participate in a committee. With CoDe, you can make friends for life!